Yoga is very simple.

You only need a mat.

You don't need to go outside or go anywhere. 

You don't need shoes, weights, or machines.

Just your body and a little space.

It is such a simple workout, yet, it is very effective.

When I start doing Yoga, I realized simplicity is beautiful. It is such a simple activity, but it makes me so happy.

I realized that I did not need much stuff to be happy.

The average American owns 300,000 items in their home. That is a pretty shocking number, isn't it?

If your stuff makes you happy, that's fine, but if it does not then I want you to think to yourself...

"Why do I have this?"

In my experience, the more stuff you have means the more time you need to tidy up and organize them, and have to upkeep a bigger place. The Minimalism way of living is cost efficient, time efficient, and also environmentally friendly.

Now, I do more with less stuff.