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5 yoga photoshoot tips

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5 tips to get the most out of your yoga photoshoot



What's the purpose of these photos?


It's important to think about goal of your project before the photoshoot.  Are you going to use it for a handstand workshop or a meditation class flyer? Or for your new online yoga website?

For example, you won't need a handstanding photo for beginner's WS flyer.


Yoga poses

Think about which poses you want to do for your photoshoot in advance.


You can save so much time during your photoshoot if you already know what poses you want to do. 

Writing them down on paper is also a great idea to avoid "Oops! I forgot to do that pose!"



Which yoga pants are best choice for your brand?


Your color choice of clothing can make a big difference for the theme of your photos.

Black absorbs lights, making pictures lack depth while bright colors give depth.
If you want energetic and dynamic photos, please wear bright and light colors.​

I also recommend wearing full-length high-waist leggings.



Bringing flip-flops is always a good idea!

Your feet might get dirty during the photoshoot and you might as you move from location to location during the photoshoot. Flip-flops are quite handy!



Share your ideas !

Photographers can't read your mind. It's important you share your ideas to stay on the same page.

I always do a quick Zoom call before our photoshoot! Let's create awesome work together!

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